Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bernard Chandran SS10: A taste of the orient

I really liked the Bernard Chandran collection last season, so I had great expectations for his efforts for SS10. Although there were none of the coats and heavy sleeve details that I had fallen for last season (I guess this stands to reason given it's a spring/summer show) I wasn't disappointed. This is the perfect grown up collection; every piece could be tweaked into a sophisticated outfit. Except the facemasks and hats of course- not sure what you'd do with those!
The first dresses to come out were fabulous fluid silk with an amazing bamboo print. The structure of the pieces was emphasised by the direction of the printed grain:
The headwear was beautiful, and at one point received a mid-show ripple of applause from the audience (for the fishes below)
Sadly, moments later this headpiece made a bit for freedom; the model kept her cool and just kept walking, holding it instead. This was the first of 3 blunders; a model stumble (I also saw one of those at Ashley Isham in the morning) and runaway boobies (nipple alert! nipple alert!) The model was a real trooper, and just kept walking!

The collection jumped from being very fluid to being very structural: on the one hand flowing silk and on the other stiff structured lantern skirts.
The colour pallette was very muted with lots of black and dove grey. This was broken up by the bamboo print and the occassional flash of orange.
Overall I really liked this collection; definitely worth the sweaty panting gross run to make it to the show on time!
I have one more post to write and then it's time to get ready for today's shows: bring it on!!
Love, Tor xxx

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whimsical said...

BERNARD CHANDRAN!!! *beams proudly* My countryman(malaysian)! He's quite hot too :P