Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Finally (Phew!) the launch and collection review!

Ok, So after all this build up, it's time to show you my pictures of the Fearne Cotton @ very collection. The event started with a catwalk show of all the outfits, but I was too far back (and far too short) due to arriving slightly late to be able to take any photos of that i'm afraid. However the clever very folks had handily set up the collection all the way around the room so that late comers such as myself could see everything up close and more importantly, check out the quality and the fabrics: The close up is of one of the sketches Fearne created, which became the basis of the collection. They actually look very accurate to the pieces that were finally made; I would like to know how much involvement Fearne had in the rest of the creative process beyond that original drawing.
There are some pieces that I really liked such as the electric blue puff ball skirt and the leopard print coat (that leopard print coat with the red buttons is even nicer in the flesh, as it were, than it is in photos. And I liked the way it looked in the photos! It's so soft!) I wonder if the styling in some of the photos put me off a lot of the pieces before I had seen them, because a lot of the pieces that looked cheap on the website looked and felt a lot more impressive than I was expecting. There were also some pieces that were fairly non descript; since that white tee from Kate Moss's first collection, I have never understood why these designer diffusion ranges include plain standard tees. They don't take any designing, or look any different from the brands usual line!
After the serious business of analysing the clothes was over there was a small party where some delicious apple martini's were served, and some of Fearne's celebrity friends were in attendance:
Given the overall atmosphere in the room, I think the collection was fairly well received. But I want to finish this by saying this because it was one of the first things I noticed about the collection on the website, and I dont think it has been written anywhere else; there was a massive focus on the Beth Ditto range because it was the first celebrity-high street collaboration that bigger girls could feel involved in and was made specifically for them. I for one thought this was an important change in direction for highstreet fashion for fuller figured ladies. Well even better is a collection that doesn't exclude anyone because they are "too fat" or "too thin".I think Fearnes collection covers this ground: although Fearne herself is a skinny minnie, her collection is available in sizes 6-20, meaning it is equally accessible to women of all shapes and sizes. And, despite finding some of the pieces in the collection a little flat, i'm all for fashion that can make everyone feel good, whatever their body shape. Definitely worth checking out!
Love Tor


MargieF said...

I really really didnt like this collection as it looked cheap and nasty to me...good to know that some of it was perhaps ok lol

Rachie23 said...

I couldnt agree less.

I bought that leopard print jacket weeks back
( its waiting in my closet for the cold weather)
And its so gorgeous and luxurious!!
Fits perfectly and i cant wait to wear it.
I would recommend anyone to buy it

KD said...

I'm sort of apathetic to the clothes themselves, but I love how you write!

Make Do Style said...

Good review and interview.

I'm sort of very over the celebrity designer thing but there you go...