Friday, 11 September 2009

Primark New Season Coats AW09/10

As Make do Kate would remind us all, fashion is about looking and feeling good, not how much you spend. For some, that means drastically cutting down your shopping and buying investment pieces. But for others (students, recent graduates, people on salaries like mine: i'm thinking of you!) there isn't money for investment pieces, and even with your shopping cut right back, you end up in Primark for the big pieces. And the big piece we are all trying to buy right now is our winter coat.
Right now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing; as the prices in Primark have slowly creeped up, so has the quality. And although you aren't going to be coming out with a cashmere number you can wear season after season, for £30 you can find a very wearable coat that will last you the whole winter.
I went to Primark last night armed with my camera and took hundreds of pictures of everything beautiful in store right now. Hopefully this will answer everyone who emailed me with a primark related question over the past couple of weeks; sorry for the lack of Primark related posts over the last week, but to remedy this there will be THREE (count 'em, THREE) posts on Primark going up today.
So to get us started, here are my picks of the Primark winter coats:
Grey seems to be a popular primark coat colour at the moment, as does military style coats. These are some of my favourite of those two themes; if you like your coats plainer (or should I say classic!) there were also loads of options with very basic detailing too.
I love this cocoon coat, which came in this grey and in black. You can't see very well, but it has shiny buttons which look like big black diamonds and is a really flattering fit. The sleeves are a little long, but that's probably because I have the shortest arms in the world!!
This is my favourite, favourite, and the coat I would buy if I was in the market for a new one (I own more than 10 coats, so I really cant have another!) I love the close fit and the exagerated hips, the colour and pattern are wonderful; this coat is a curvy girls dream!!
My one piece of advice when buying a primark coat is to take 5 minutes (this really is all it will take!) when you get it home to restitch the buttons. For some reason they are always loose and if you don't do this you are likely to lose one after a couple of wears; this is the only obvious flaw I can note with any Primark coat i've ever bought though!
Next i'll be doing dresses and boots; I was told you can't take photos in Primark, but I went in like a stealth ninja undercover agent, all for you guys!
Love, Tor x

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