Sunday, 13 September 2009

What's in the window: the primark edition!

As you can see, the Primark flagship store in Marble Arch is a whopper: they have a whole lot of windows to fill!! I was actually impressed, especially given that they are such a budget store, by how much effort they had put into their windows. I really like the styling too: very young and trendy and perfect for their target audience.

Also worth noting are the facing of some of the people caught in the pictures: they look like they've been sat waiting for days don't they? That should give some indication of just how big the store is: you can lose whole hours in there without even noticing!!

Have a great Sunday!

Tor xx


MargieF said...

haha i love the old lady in the first pic...she doesnt quite know whats going on...
im impressed with their displays!

Make Do Style said...

The captured people are priceless. The first one is a masterpiece of a photograph!

WendyB said...

I'm also loving the people in the window, especially the first lady. Nice job.