Friday, 18 September 2009

Backstage at Georgie W Couture

OK, so in that special roundabout way that I always do things, i'm starting my round up of today's shows with the last show I went to. I'm doing this because i'm tired and they are the first pictures to come off my camera: the last show was Georgie W Couture. I was lucky enough to go backstage before the show and not only see the collection close up but also talk to Georgie, her team, and the models. Not only that but I also got to touch the dresses and finger the fabric too- gotta love fabric fingering!
The collection was inspired by the 40s and 50s and the pieces looked like they had been handcrafted for the film stars of the era, whether they were at work or at play. I loved the overt femininity of the whole collection, and the beautiful mustard colour of the utilitarian jumpsuit and flirty fitted trench. There was a focus on silhouette and each dress or outfit in some way accentuated the natural female curves. The fitted pencil skirt was a popular shape, but full 50s swing skirts also featured, as did two pairs of beautiful patterned cotton shorts. The colour pallette featured a lot of dove grey (one of my favourites!) but the 2 silk evening gowns were monocrome: one in black and one in white.
I was suprised by the relaxed atmosphere backstage, especially given that it was Georgie's first solo show. It was also nice to see how excited the models were about the show and the collection; all taking photos of themselves in their outfits. The attention to detail was minute and impressive, with all the gowns pressed to perfection; i'm sure this is normal but I noted it because it was the first time I had been back stage!

The whole collection was really wearable and, as Georgie herself said, each piece represents an investment piece which will last forever: particularly important given the way the recession has affected people's spending. You can buy Georgie W Couture (not this collection, obviously, this one won't be available until next Spring) from Catwalk Genius. Check it out!
More reports from the shows to come soon, but now I'm going to bed!
Love Tor xx


MargieF said...

Looks like a great collection
im jealous id love to go backstage at a show:(

MrJeffery said...

These look cool. Thanks for all the backstage pics!