Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Love is... every single piece by Gadofka!

A blog post by Queen Michelle directed me to not just a label, and what I found there was a love that is pure and true. Because I have moments of fashion dunce-ary, I had never heard of the website, nor of my favourite label on it; Gadofka.
The collection is entitled africanalprogressivemadness, and although i'm going to rave on amount this a little more, i'm pretty sure that one word and these pictures sum the whole collection up:

I love the prints, the sheer leggings, the baloon pants. I love the Fred Butler-esque necklace in the third picture which is made of the same fabric as the rest of the clothes in the collection. And the pose and styling of the final picture makes the model look like a modern-day dishevelled Cleopatra. The collection, the styling, the ideas behind it, all seem so full of whimsy and fun, fun, fun. I especially love the blurb about the collection, which I have printed in full below:
The label GADOFKA is Achamyelsh Biftu Bojia a womangirl whose imagination is filled with curiosity,innocence,fantasy,theatre, experimental films, modern dance , no boundaries, tradition and music. Achamyelesh Biftu Bojia was born in Germany and is originally from Ethiopia but she believes in another life she was married to Jean Michel Basquiat and the daughter of Miles Davies.However Gadofka was born in 2008 after Achamyelesh Biftu Bojia created the collection AFRICANICALPROGRESSIVEMADNESS for A/W 09, which is expressing all her experience in life and everything she has observed trough her journey so far. That includes the African heritage materials from Ethiopia and Nigeria. The collection itself is an echo for her life. Gadofka is a storyteller, it is the messenger of the african culture .Every print is telling a vibrant colourful story. Achamyelesh Biftu Bojia is a messenger of her own and culture, a true storyteller. She celebrates life and she believes in no boundaries and with a little bit of fantasy, braveness ,patience and optimism we can break limitations!
I know its a big fat cliche, but I love the urbanisation of the African fabrics; the collection is very modern, very big city, and very wearable. It's true love!
Love Tor x


everybodysaysdont said...

Wow! What fabrics!

Make Do Style said...

It is great to see another view of fashion/life and the colours and prints are brilliant

Dream Sequins said...

Loving those prints and silhouettes!

KD said...

That coat! I want it now! It would be wonderful for brightening up cold winter days.