Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Daily wear;a dirty city gent!

Continuing my theme of daily wears from the random and mundane places I spend my weekdays, today I bring you the ikea car park:

Tshirt dress; topshop, bag; warehouse, long necklaces;warren james/oasis, name necklace; my name necklace.
I was thinking of Mary Quant when I got dressed this morning; of how the men she referred to as "bowler hats" inspired her to use tweed in her dresses and use the fabrics usually kept for men. This of course explains the bowler hat, and the union jack t shirt further emphasises the "cool brittania" sixties feel. But in a really frubby rocker way, obviously. Despite being really disapointed with Mary Quant when I interviewed her, I appreciate wholeheartedly the influence she had on the era to which I have dedicated my academic life. Putting too much thought into my outfit? Probably!!
And how amazing is my blog name necklace?! It arrived this morning! When the lovely folks at My Name Necklace asked if I would like them to make me a necklace, I immediately said yes: i'd always loved the name necklace that Carrie wears in Sex and the city. But my name is too short and pathetic to turn into a necklace. What to do?! Why have the blog name turned into a necklace of course! Shameless self promotion are us! Still, it's a great way of showing that those clever folks really can do any name you want! I love it!!
The important question now is where will next weeks daily wear post come from? Tescos? KFC? The local pub carpark? Maybe I should start a weekly quiz complete with a winners prize! Whereever it is, you can be sure it will be another shocking insight into my wholly unglamourous life!
Love, Tor xx


everybodysaysdont said...

Great necklace!

M x-o-x said...

Omg Im jealous I love Ikea!! I think the concrete pillar sets off your outfit nicely, wouldn't want everyone to be distracted and not look at it :)

KD said...

You are hilarious. I love the outfit, especially the Union Jack!

Sarah-Rose said...

I love the tunic but especially the bowler hat! omg.

I have an "Oh Darling" necklace - mainly because the hyphen in my name is hard to replicate by name necklace companies apparently. Argh.