Thursday, 9 July 2009

The topshop sale - a few picks!

I'm afraid this is the last offline sales post you will get for the next five days, whilst i'm stuck in quarantine. But luckily on Saturday, before all the drama, I went to the Topshop in Brent Cross to check out the sales.As much as I love the Oxford Street topshop (I sometimes call it the motherland!) I generally avoid it like the plague when the sales are on. It's too busy, too crowded, to difficult to find what you're looking for, and in my experience I can never find what I want in the size I want, and I always end up with an elbow to the ribs! So when the sale begins I make a beeline for any other large topshop store; in this case Brent Cross (The topshop in Norwich comes highly recommended if you're anywhere near: half the store is turned over to sale stock!)
So here are my picks of the sale. The oversized Barbara Hulanicki shopper bags have been reduced from £25 to £12. I'm kicking myself for not picking up the coral one for my swim kit; I might have to see if the boyfriend will run down and get it for me!

And now to the changing rooms:
Obviously because it was the summer sales the theme of the day was lots of pretty florals and cotton dresses: perfect for summer holidays and sunny days in the park! Most of the dresses were a little tight and cut too short on my bust, but the fit of all of them wasn't bad at all! I LOVE the top with the rivets, but with those leggings? Only if I want to look like a floral hippo! I think you'd have to be a very skinny minnie to wear these without a skirt or dress on top!

I was in such a rush on Saturday that I didn't have the time to stand in the queue and pay for anything and now i'm stuck in the house for a week - I hope there is still some stock available when I finally get out!!

Love Tor

PS - Don't forget to check out my competition for your chance to win a gorgeous Mink Pink dress!


Make Do Style said...

The bags are great and I love the first dress on you very glam - great trying on effort!

Sarah-Rose and Craig said...

I love the first two dresses on you - they're my favourite shape at the moment.

KD said...

I agree on the grommet top, its super!