Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Emma Cook @ Topshop

I went down to oxford street this evening with the specific intention of buying the deer print dress from the new Emma Cook at Topshop collection.

I'd been lusting over it for weeks! When I tried it on though, I was disapointed by how it looked; certainly not one for my body shape! Which is a shame, because as you can see by the close up of the pattern, it is perfect!I am beginning to wonder if people are beginning to lose interest in the designer collaborations. I think design is certainly taking precedence over the cache of having a designer name attached to a collection. The sale section of the store is absolutely jam packed full of Kate Moss, and almost every piece from the Barbara Hulanicki collection. See the BH dress and the KM playsuit below:

If you liked the look of these collections I would definitely recommend that you get down and have a look; the floor length Kate Moss dresses have been reduced to almost nothing! I also found these (not for me but great for somebody else!) vibrant coloured Dr Martin boots reduced to £30: What I ended up buying is for another post, but I can tell you this; I loved the pattern of the Emma Cook dress, but the fit definitely wasn't for me. And £85 seemed a little rich anyway! (well, thats what i'm telling myself to hide the disapointment anyway!)

Love Tor x

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Sarah-Rose said...

Ahh. If only that Emma Cook dress had a lower scoop neck - it would be so much nicer!