Friday, 10 July 2009

Taking one for the Team-o!

The moment I saw these Teamo jackets on refinery29, I knew I had to have one. In fact I will go to any lengths to have one: in particular the second one in this trio of loveliness; I'm addicted to tails and I yearn for shoulders sharp enough to take an eye out! This is the garment worthy of cracking open my savings account for!Isn't it amazing that the model can look both sinister and ethereal at the same time? The soft draping on the dress juxtaposed with the slick tailoring and angles of the jacket works perfectly! Although it would be quite a statement, I do think these jackets are wearable, rather than just costume pieces. In order to be so raised and sharp, i'm desperate to know what the fabric feels like, and if the wearability of it from that point of view suffers!

Jennine on the Coveted said that although she admires these jackets, you would have to be as thin as a rake to actually wear one of them: i'm inclined to disagree and I am rather desperate to prove her wrong: I want to wear this jacket over acres of grey jersey with high gloss black leggings and killer shoes.

The problem is, I can't figure out where I can buy it from (or even just lustfully try one on)!! New High (M)art stocks some of the Teamo range (including this amazing Mary Kate and Ashley t-shirt I am also coveting hard!)

...but they are yet to stock the AW09/10 stock. I am hoping with everything crossed that they will! Anyone have any idea where I can get this jacket in London??
I am yet to see an item from the Teamo design duo from Mexico that I don't like: although I rarely wear earrings, I would bend this unofficial rule to wear these black fringed hoops:

The fringing on the hoops goes all the way round, extending up into the hair, which would look fabulous against my golden locks (even if I do say so myself!)

So it's official; Teamo is my favorite designer of the moment. I'm addicted to their overthetop designs and architectural attention to details. Now I just need to find someone who's eyes i'd like to remove, so I can try out my imaginary new jacket (one day!) properly!

Love Tor x


Make Do Style said...

I say aye! go for it - if you love it you can work it.

Roberto Sanchez said...

hello, this is roberto from TEAMO, i made this brand!! we have a showroom in NYC! and we make sales by internet! in pages like, La Dama, BonaDrag, Moonsand Mars in Scotland!!

and we have an official website!

many thanks!!


Rafa said...

OMG this is rafa from TEAMO
this is so awesome

mexican flamboyant said...


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