Sunday, 19 July 2009

I can't believe it's not topshop!

Check out the amazing range of transitional season shoes that have landed in Primark this week. The quality and finish is much much better than you would normally expect from Primark combined with their usual fashion forward detailing:

I am a massive fan of the coral jazz shoes with the black laces and the fringed tan stillettos. And this morning I saw a girl trying on the blue suede shoes with the thick boot-like ankle strap, and they looked absolutely amazing; much better than in the picture! I wanted to have them all, but because I knew that I had new shoes arriving from the asos man on Friday, I was able to resist: I really do think i'm getting better!
And why was I able to get these photos without hoardes of summer holiday shoppers obscuring my view, I hear you asking? Well its time to share my little secret: the primark on oxford circus has started opening its doors at 8.30. Yes, that is AM. So if you can drag yourself out of bed before work that little bit early and get there for doors open, you will find that you have practically the whole store yourself, you can get straight into the changing room to actually try things on (something impossible at any other time) and the whole shopping experience is much more pleasant!

Don't tell everyone though, or you'll ruin it for all of us!
Love, Tor x


WendyB said...

They're like...armies of shoes!

MargieF said...

I'm impressed that you got up that early to shop!
And primark really has done well with this lot...