Thursday, 16 July 2009

Waiting for the ASOS man!

The ASOS sale is still going strong, with discounts of up to 80%, and yesterday afternoon my resolve crumbled. Here is what I ordered:
The shoe boots are from the ASOS premium leather range and were reduced from £65 to £19, the coat from £55 to £15 and the belt from £10 to £3.
I could've ordered so much more but I was very good and restrained myself! The shoe is the thing I am most excited about seeing: It is constructed from leather with mesh panels at either side, and I am hoping the mesh is thin enough that i will be able to wear different colour socks and tights and see it coming through.
I got next day delivery so the package should be arriving at the office anytime before 7pm; I hope sooner rather than later as we are driving back to my parents tonight! There is nothing more exciting than waiting for a package - I hope what's inside is worthy of the frenzy with which I will open it!
It has been a long time since I ordered something online - although I love online browsing I always like to feel the quality of something before I purchase. The last time I ordered something from ASOS was about 3 years ago; the shoes were made of pleather and very tight and uncomfortable and the top was sized very very small! But I am assured that the quality has increased dramatically in recent years and can't wait to find out: hurry up mister ASOS delivery man!!
Love Tor x
PS- I had another little package arrive in the post this morning. All will be revealed shortly!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog-yeh Asos is really goog but you can also check out "reiss" the stuff is amazing.

MargieF said...

waiting for the Asos man is excruciating! I swear they leave my house til last to taunt me...

KD said...

I love it all, especially the coat! I know it will look amazing on you!

Lisa said...

Heey, I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks and thought I'd comment, love your style :)

And now I seem to have accidently bought three pairs of shoes, a bag and a pair of tights of asos...oops!