Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Louboutin's in the house!

Here at chez Tor we have been going shoe crazy this week! As a gift for being a wonderful girlfriend and (more realistically) my impending graduation next month, the boyfriend took me to Selfridges this evening to choose a new pair of shoes. Although I yearned for the Jimmy Choos i'd shown you in the last post, budget constraints had me lurking around the Kurt Geiger/Carvella section. (The crazily reduced Prada ones I had picked out were sold out in my size!) Choosing the right pair took hours; I was nearly swayed by a gorgeous imitation LV grey and pink tribal-type shoe and took some persuading to put the tan lace up stillettos back on the shelf; If only I could own them all!

However I am more than happy with my final decision: so happy I keptt putting them on and demanding people look at my feet all night! These are the pair I ultimately picked- the black 80s wedding heels (not their technical name!) from the Kurt Geiger Fashionistas range:
And here is the press shot:
Reduced from £220 to £79!

However, never one to be outdone, my sister had her annual review at work on Monday. And as a reward for being the best poster seller and marketeer in the industry (do I exagerate? you decide!) her boss took her to the Christian Louboutin store and said she could choose whatever she wanted. Bucking the trends and instead focusing on longevity for her ultimate shoe purchase, she opted for these gorgeous tan peep toes with the stand out turquoise spike heel:

Jealous? Me? Well, erm, yes actually!

So whilst it is true that there are Louboutins in my house. They just aren't mine! But I think my shoes are just as lovely anyway actually. So there!

Love, Tor x
PS- Thanks Mike!


KD said...

Both are amazing!

Sarah-Rose and Craig said...

Your pair are beautiful but I'm mainly shocked that your sister got to choose a pair of Louboutins! so lucky.