Tuesday, 14 July 2009

From one extreme to another?

I still haven't had a chance to go and view the Beth Ditto range at Evans yet.

If it's a full review you're after then I would highly recommend you check out the one from Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes too. She looks amazing in almost everything she tries on, by the way!

But, despite being just outside their target size demographic, I do intend to go down and see what the collection is all about. I think it's important, and I think it's about time fuller figured ladies were given a little more variety in choosing what they wear; I know how it feels to have limited choice everytime I try to shop for swimwear; it makes you feel isolated and miserable!

If they sized down just a tiny bit, then these are the sequin encrusted pieces I would be making a beeline for:
I read an interesting piece (aka an evil piece) in the mirror of all places this morning. It's about the Beth Ditto range, which is why i'm writing this piece. The extract in question goes like this: "You know, the size zero debate in fashion was all about looking out for people's health and promoting a healthy BMI.
So why then are the fashion press salivating all over Beth Ditto's collection for Evans when it's already been reported that obesity is as big a killer as smoking?
I think it's fair comment to say that Ditto is obese.
Is this the fashion industry majority giving the middle finger to the leaders, and Tessa Jowell, who tried to tackle the cult of the size 0 models and put the spotlight on more healthy ideals?
It's gone from one extreme to another - both unhealthy shapes and both within the realms of eating disorders. You can be an over-eater just as you can be an under-eater."

This extract made me immediately angry. Because this woman has no right to decide who or what is healthy and Beth's collection shouldn't be about size (although of course it is!) it should be judged on it's fashion merits: leggings with reinforced waistbands so they don't ride down? Genius! Sequins all over the place- what's not to love!?

And I would also like to point out that no matter how "equal in their illness" Miss Mirror Writer likes to profess that overweight and size zero women are, I dont see many size zero women struggling to find something trendy to wear to work or for a night on the town! I'm sure there are lots of bigger women that would like to lose a little weight (myself included) but does that mean they should be punished by wearing ugly and unattractive clothes? What kind of incentive is that!?

Oh and for the record, there were 16 comments about the article quoted above, all saying almost exactly what I have said above. This is an extract from my favourite: I don't think that this is a celebration of obesity. Every single woman who shops at Evans knows the health implications of their size, just as every time someone sparks up a ciggarette they are fully aware of the consequences of that action. Evans are excited about using Beth Ditto as a celebrity endorsement, as all of us larger women have missed out on every other celebrity line. It feels like everyone has been to a great big party and I was only allowed to look through the window!

I will be going to view the Beth Ditto collection this weekend. But I will be judging it on its cut and shape, not the size it comes in!

Love, Tor

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I agree with you and the commenter wholeheartedly!