Friday, 31 July 2009

Bag + TV = ?

I've never been famed for my maths skills, but even I can work out the simple sum above! Bag + TV = Bagtv!
Now I must admit, when I first read about the handbag with a TV built in, I was both bemused by, and dubious about, it. Travelling in and out of central London and carrying a bag with a tv built into it seemed like a beacon to muggers calling "rob me! This bag looks expensive, I bet there's lots of nice stuff in it!" However, when I tried taking this one out today I had no problem at all; and it certainly made my commute go faster!
My beloved makes the bagtv work so that I can take it out for a stroll!
I think the reason I had no problem is because the built in dvd player (for despite it's name it is a dvd rather than a tv!) is actually quite discrete; to the unknowing observer, you're just carrying a normal patent leather bag! It looks like a normal handbag until you remove the convenient leather slip and the TV appears in the window! It's also a lot lighter than I expected and very slimline, so the player has its own pouch inside the bag without interfering with your purse, keys, diary, make up bag, and whatever else you accumulate in there throughout the day! The weight of it was my main concern; my bag is heavy enough without adding to it! But I actually didnt notice any weight difference at all.
And whilst i'm talking about problems I was expecting to have with the bag (i'm not very positive am I!?) it's time to mention the battery life; the battery lasts 2.5 hours before you have to charge it. This is perfect for me (my commute is just under an hour each way) but not so great if you were hoping to take it long haul. If you have the scratch you can buy extra battery bars for longer life, but I just cant see that being worth it (buy a video ipod instead!) It comes with a mains charger you can use at home in the car, which is super easy, but to me this is definitely a commuter bag, not an alternative to a TV!
Also, although its not to my usual tastes (not enough crazy details and bells and whistles!) I actually think the bag looks pretty good: very sophisticated and expensive looking. The finishing is very well done, and the colour is very rich; the berry shade is perfect for Autumn/Winter (my mum would love a bag like this!)
BagTv poses with it's remote control and a selection of my favourite kids dvds (including the shoe people!)
Speaking of my mum, when I told her about this clever gadget she said; "I wish i'd had one of them for you three (me and my sisters) when you were little" and that, I think, is where bagtv will find its niche; busy mums who want to entertain their kids on buses, planes, trains and automobiles will be able to tune them into their favourite cartoons whilst still carrying her bag full of essentials, and without sacrificing on looking good!
I'm normally a book on the tube kind of girl, and I dont think i'd like to sit in front of the goggle-box everyday and sacrifice my reading time, but it was really fun to watch red dwarf as the world, and the rest of the commuters, passed me by; a very welcome occasional diverson that I can highly recommend!

Bagtv comes in seven different colours (the blue and white one looks very nautical and is my favourite) and they are all available for £199. And it's definitely for you if you like to be the centre of attention; my friends couldnt get enough of playing with it- the perfect combination of fashion and gadget!
Love, Tor x


Dream Sequins said...

This is pretty hilarious. And your mom is right... this seems like a nice way to keep your little ones occupied. They have TVs built into cars now. Why not bags?

WendyB said...

So funny!!!