Sunday, 2 August 2009

Another outlet store!

Because so many of you have been emailing me asking questions about the topshop outlet store, I thought I would introduce you to another London outlet store I occasionally frequent; the Accessorize outlet store is located smack bang in the heart of London in the Trocadero centre in Leicester square.Everything in store is discounted at either half price or 70% off. There is a great kids section, and it is also a good place to check out if you need a hair piece or hat for a wedding.
At the minute they have a massive selection of sunglasses at 70% off in a wide range of style from oversized to aviators to big plastic heart shaped affairs. There was also a great range of flip flops and bikinis making it a perfect one stop holiday shop actually!

Strangely enough there is also a full stand selection of dog clothes and accessories (perfect if there is a puppy in your life!) and they have a selection of bangles starting from 50p. They often have the accessorize sterling silver range in at 70% off too; perfect for picking up trinkets for friends and family - there you have it guys, my secret is out!

Although it is a small store (as you can see!) because of it's central London location, this is a great little shop to check out when you're out and about! Another day, another outlet....

Love, Tor x


Make Do Style said...

Good scouting!

everybodysaysdont said...

Well found indeed!

KD said...

I'll need to visit next time I'm in London!

Emmarelli said...

Haha that looks about the size of the actual accessorize where I live.. not fair!!