Friday, 21 August 2009

Designer of the day: Kristinit

It's hard to get excited about sustainable fashion: T shirts in organic cotton and stiff patterned skirts are what I immediately think of when someone says their collection is 'sustainable'. So I was delighted when Kristinit send me the lookbook for her lastest sustainable collection entitled Love: It is created with social and environmental responsibility in mind, and in collaboration with Zoe Melo, the LOVE Campaign uses custom, handmade lace from artesenatos in Brazil, supporting fair trade and linking women and beauty across the globe. I think it is this aspect that appealed most because, lets face it, who doesn't want to do something admirable that could change the world simply by shopping!?
Kristina Lenss, the designer of Kristinit says: "This collection is about complementing fashion with sustainability — without sacrificing style." And from the pictures below, i'm inclined to agree:
I think the collection is very sleek and very grown up, but with a quirky fashion twist. There isn't a piece here I wouldn't put my (ridiculously fashionable, by the way!) mother in and she would look fabulous in the whole collection! But that doesn't mean I wouldn't wear it too: just in a different context I think. For a lady like my mum this is probably daily wear, but for me it is the stuff that you save for work appointments and meetings at the bank! I love the gentle ikat pattern of the prints, and the handmade lace peephole on the black dress hints at the wearer being a little bit naughty: much nicer (and sexier!) than yards of flesh on display in my opinion!
I can't decide out of the top three which is my favourite, but I do know that they would all slot perfectly into my non-exsistent work wardrobe!
Love Tor
Ps - Is anyone else looking at the dark haired model and suffering serious hair envy?!


everybodysaysdont said...

Really like the 1st dress, and yes the dark haired model has great hair, love the fringe. Have a good weekend!

WendyB said...

Very pretty pieces, especially the first dress!