Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Etsy shop of the moment: Artlab

Call me a bloggy-copy cat if you will, but I have been coveting this nude coloured artlab bustle since I first saw Queen Michelle wearing it on the Kingdom of Style. It is such a beautiful looking, and I suspect strangely versitile piece. I want to layer it over my peach ruffle dress and team it with studded boots and collar; that, it how I roll. However it has taken me far too long to get round to looking at some of the other wonderful pieces in the artlab store, and now i'm left wondering which of all the pieces I love most. The shop is like a haven for anyone who (like me) is obsessed with ruffles. The second piece (called the Charlie Chaplin bib) is magnificent; these aren't ruffles as we know them but fabric expertly folded and pleated to perfection. I would wear this bib over every t shirt I owned: I might even stop eating lunch for fear of the spillage; thats how lovely I think it is!
In her profile, artlab's creator says "My inspiration comes from dreams, memories, the urban landscape, film.... I also do photography, sculpture and installation art." And it is very easy to see these pieces as a hybrid between art and fashion; it's enough to make me think its time to fill more wardrobe with more beautiful conceptual pieces that excite me like this, and less highstreet! I recommend you check out the shop: even if you don't have money to burn, its worth a visit for the pretty pictures!
Love Tor x

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Make Do Style said...

Etsy could be my downfall if I wasn't so incompetent at using it and paypal!