Monday, 10 August 2009

Monday morning lust!

It's a Monday morning. It's back to work. Which means its time to cheer ourselves up with a little "if only I were shopping" lust! If I were shopping (and wealthier than my bank account currently dictates) then....

....I would be preparing for winter in this Rikkemai sequin-bibbed cardigan and wonderful wonderful tassled scarf.
I have visions of buying a series of curtain ties and sewing my heart out in a bid to replicate this, but I know it wouldnt look anywhere near as wonderful. Although I think it is this "was it or wasnt it made at home" aspect that makes it so appealing. I stumbled across Rikkemai whilst attempting to do some catch reading around Copenhagen Fashion Week, and i'm so glad I did.
I wish I was better at hunting out new brands; Rikkemai was launched in 2005 and it's taken me 4 years to notice!
Still, the urban folklore and patchwork(both literal and not) themes woven throughout this collection means that, now discovered, Rikkemai is a designer I will keep coming back to: Especially as a welcome distraction from the thought of all the copy I have to write today!
Love, Tor x


MargieF said...

cute cardi
haha I had the same DIY notion as soon as I saw that scarf!

everybodysaysdont said...

Great looks! Really like it x

gleenn said...

I love the combination of the second outfit a lot. I love most the dazzled scarf - just like anybody would.

btw sis, i saw your blog three months back and had liked your presentations and contents a lot. I added you in my blogroll since then. I hope to exchange link with you for my blog "Creative Fashion". Please let me know. thanks :)

KD said...

Both these looks are pure perfection!

Make Do Style said...

Yes experiment with DIY!