Monday, 17 August 2009

Does anybody else....

....Look at this picture from Alexander McQueen A/W09 and immediately think of David Walliams character Vulva in awesome comedy (and one of my personal favs) Spaced?

Well, they do say that designers can find their inspiration anywhere! I actually love all of the hounds tooth and exagerated shapes of McQueens A/W '09 collection, but i'm pretty sure that the "wearing loads of lipstick and then snogging like a teenager" look won't be catching on any time soon.

Sorry for this absurd interlude, I saw the McQ picture on Tavi's blog, thought of it and had to share. Normally semi-serious fashion service will resume shortly.

Love Tor xx

1 comment:

Biche said...

ummm, I think the point of reference is more likely to be iconic performance artist Leigh Bowery? x