Thursday, 27 August 2009

To jegging, or not to jegging?

Since the word jegging was first coined, I began to wonder if jean leggings are jeggings, are jean dresses jresses? Anyway. You may or may not have noticed that I very very rarely wear trousers; in fact, I only own two pairs of trousers (both jeans) which I wear occasionally for slobby weekends around the house and erm, DIY. However, despite myself and my initial dislike, I have started to like the look of jeggings. I feel that they would add extra interest to my layered outfits and i'm starting to get a little fed up of the predictability of wearing my black leggings under everything! So imagine my delight at seeing these incredibly affordable jeggings (just £15) from New Look's new Yes Yes denim range! In sizes 8-26, this range is affordable in the extreme; the range starts at £10 and tops out at £2o!
I am a big fan of the super skinnies from the range; I just don't think I want to get used to having tight bulky fabric around my waist again (I wore jeans everyday when I was a teenager and had to be coaxed out them by my mother once to go to a wedding-it took a long time to wean myself off them and now i'm used to the feeling of freedom you get with a dress!)
But if they were in a softer gentle stretch fabric, I would definitely be prepared to give it a go; especially as winter approaches where a thicker fabric legging/jean under my floaty dresses would be perfect for keeping me warm and still looking stylish!
Only time will tell if the low prices mean poor quality, but in the images the collection certainly looks impressive; i'm sure this cliche will be all over the tabloids, but it really is like credit crunch jean shopping isn't it? But whilst still managing to look all gorgeous and glamour: love it!And despite my initial reservations I think I will be popping down to Oxford Street tomorrow to give those jeggings a try!
Love, Tor xx


Make Do Style said...

I think they are good fun and whilst I'd look a dork in them I'll be working my H&M sequin ones all winter.

In fact I wore my sequin leggings with biker boots and a hoodie on Weds and got the LCF library looks - you can imagine the checking out of clothes at LCF and CSM!!

kirstyb said...

Jeggings are defom growing on me! My sister has so many of them and she lives in them! I may even borrow them for a test run lol xoxox

KD said...

I'm not such a fan of jeggings but I can't really complain seeing as yesterday my sister bought a pair of thin flare jeans that are very very tight around the thighs that I fully intend on stealing and wearing with y white Gap wedges for the full 70's effect.

MargieF said...

I really liked the look of jeggings...until i tried them on lol then i relaised they really werent for me:(
If you can get away with them then go for it!

Lilee said...

i love them!

Alexx said...

I'm absolutely in love with my jeggings! I bought the same ones Paris Hilton was seen sporting. They are made by Niki Biki and just like the
Niki Biki camisoles they wont bag out of loose their shape after being worn all day. To purchase your own visit Shipping is quick and world wide!!

mimbax said...
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