Saturday, 22 August 2009

Seeing stars with Jasmine Guinness!

Whilst at the LGPout party on Thursday night I met the wonderful PR ladies from fashion (and everything!) online store They told me all about the Jasmine Guinness collection that they are currently stocking on the site, so naturally I had to pop over and check it out. And I was impressed: a cute shooting star motif everywhere = yum!
Despite it's simple shape, I am a big fan of this black dress: it's hard to decide whether I love the dress or the way she wears it though! And of course that sweater would be perfect for teaming with boyfriend jeans and blazer for a slouchy saturday afternoon of shopping (because what else can you do with your Saturdays!?) It's very "me": I just wish that it didn't have the turquoise bands around the wrists and waist! Oh, and the ditzy floral dress? Perfect for teaming with an insanely oversized Tour de Force bow for a late summer wedding methinks! The first dress (the shooting star one) is the weakest piece: like so many things I have seen on the highstreet before, but overall I think the collection is solid.
Oh, and i'm not sure why I am having such a hair obsession this week, but this is also on the long list of hair I would like to sport! Gorgeous!
Love Tor x


everybodysaysdont said...

Nice clothes, I like the black dress too, and the jumper - I'm looking forward to Autumn.

gleenn said...

I like the first dress too with it's lots of shooting stars, but, I love more the black one. It is more sophisticated and more powerful. less is always more, I guess.


Make Do Style said...

Mmm good site - forgotten about it.