Thursday, 2 July 2009

Buttery pants!

Like Kate from Make do style I received a pair of pure silk knickers in the post this afternoon. They were made by British lingerie designer Ayten Gasson for Andrex. Pants made by Andrex doesn't sound sexy does it? But these do look pretty good (although the size large is a 12-14 and a little snug on me!) I also really liked the silk pouch they came in!!

The usp of these unusual knickers is that they are enriched with Shea butter. (to flog Andrex shea butter loo roll, of course!) The idea of wearing pants full of lotion made me feel itchy and uncomfortable at the thought, but the shea butter panel just makes them feel softer and even more silky.

And it's all for a good cause, as they say! Andrex is donating £5 from the sale of every pair of knickers to the "look good...feel better" charity that helps women undergoing cancer treatment combat the physical side effects.

If you would like your very own pair then visit the andrex website and feel that wonderful sense of well being that comes with doing something for charity. I wouldn't recommend wearing buttery knickers everyday though!

Love, Tor


KD said...

What exactly is the shea butter supposed to do?

Make Do Style said...

You brave person - I'm failing to put my on yet!! It's the shea butter thing I must find out...

tor (fabfrocks) said...

Kate - I only put them on for a minute to see how they fit and then whipped them off; its too weird!

KD - I can only assume its meant to give you a soft bum!!