Monday, 13 July 2009

Boredom is....

...sitting in bed painting your nails over and over in a series of intricate patterns, because you have nothing better to do! The swine flu is almost over, and hopefully I will be back to work tomorrow!
God I have gross toes! However, as you can see, my favourite nail varnish producer of choice is Barry M: the colours are amazing, and although it almost always takes two coats it dries quick, you get a great glossy finish, and it lasts for ages! Oh, and I found out a couple of days ago that the Barry M factory is in Mill Hill, just a couple of miles from my house; small world!! I am also slightly in love with my new pink nail art pen; i'm not sure i'll ever wear patterned nails out of the house (it seems a tad too trashy for me!) but it sure has killed the hours over the past couple of days!
Love, Tor xx


MargieF said...

Barry M is THE best nail varnish...all of mine are from there!

Make Do Style said...

You are a talented manicurist!