Monday, 20 July 2009

The Monsoon sale: A quick pick!

Who knew Monsoon on Oxford Street opened at 8.00 am?! Perfect for a quick fashion fix when you get into town a little earlier than anticipated! I've never been a massive fan of Monsoon; a brand I usually associate with eccentric teachers and middle aged women. However finding myself with early morning time to kill, I was suprised to find lots of stuff I liked.
Here are my favourite three dresses from the sale: The skirt on the first dress was so wide and stiff, but despite the fact it would have been impossible to walk in, it was certainly a princess gown! I loved the second dress and couldn't photograph it well enough to do it justice; there were tiny bows up the back in the same fabric as the skirt, and the stiff brocade of the top was very flattering! The green dress: I am definitely not a big fan. But still, two out of three ain't bad! And the price point in the sale was very reasonable indeed given the quality of the dresses: they were all fully lined and had handy details like hidden hooks and fasteners to ensure an even better fit.
Definitely a shop that is now on my radar!
Love, Tor x
PS - Don't forget my Mink Pink dress competition ends on Friday, so get entering now!


Make Do Style said...

Early birds stuff!

KD said...

The 2nd dress is super super super!