Monday, 27 July 2009

London hosts first ever high street fashion week

I have been thinking about high street fashion week frequently since I first read about it a couple of weeks ago. And I still don't know if I think it is a good or a bad thing; is it fashion trying to include the "ordinary folk" in a world most are either in awe or frightened of, or is it just a money making gimmick from the New West End company?

Highstreet = topshop. Enter gratuitous topshop model pic here. God I love topshop!

Certainly, they are yet to confirm any stores or companies that are taking part, and I am yet to hear of the event including even one catwalk show. Some retailers have announced fashion and beauty advice workshops, late-night shopping, and discounts as part of the fashion week; all great things, but not that different from the great service we already receive on the British high street: there are very few Saturday afternoons that you could wander down oxford street and not find a make over or some kind of in-store event going on! Wow that sentence used a lot of colons!

New West End’s spokesman Jace Tyrell said: "During London Fashion Week, the West End sees a big increase in sales. This way we can commercialise it and show everyone we have the best high street and the best designers." And obviously these are businesses, and they have to make money (especially at this difficult time, blah,blah,blah!) But i just wish they were pushing the potential of this event a little harder. Because take away the glamourous Highstreet Fashion Week title and what do you have? A normal week on oxford street with a few discounts thrown in!

Having said that, its too soon for me to condemn, and there are still a couple of months to finalise plans and reveal a schedule. I just hope that what we end up with is a week of celebration and excitement that the British high street (in my opinion the best in the world!) truly deserves.

Highstreet fashion week runs from September 7-11. As soon as I have more news of events and what not, you can guarentee I will post them here for your viewing pleasure!

Love, Tor x


Dream Sequins said...

This sounds interesting-- but doesn't Topshop already show some of its goods at LFW already?

Make Do Style said...

mmm yes - I love a high street show in centres as it is fun but being a side show of LFW not so sure.