Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Quick daily wear!

Here is the outfit I wore to work and then on to TGI's for dinner last night (yup, because i'm classy like that!)

Excuse my moody face! Isn't it depressing that there are so many layers in an outfit that i'm wearing in July!?
Nonetheless, I really like this outfit! The ruffle hemmed dress is from dorothy perkins, layered over primark leggings and a long sleeve top. The oversized leather bag was a gift many moons ago. The silk crop sleeved blazer is from topshop boutique and the brooches on the lapel are from various locations; the top brooch was a gift from the boyfriend from an antique shop, and the bottom two are car boot sale purchases. The long term plan is to buy two more and have all five of them thread their way all the way down the lapel.
I love this slouchy silk jacket; it's so versatile, dressing up both casual and smart dresses and looking amazing paired with jeans and t-shirts. I can see it being an investment piece that i'll just keep wearing and wearing; a smart buy!
Love, Tor x

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