Thursday, 13 May 2010

Video break: Frock Me with TKMaxx

I'm so glad Frock Me is back on our screens: it's perfect Sunday morning hangover TV! Each episode is themed to a certain trend (last week it was prints but my fav so far has been military) which keeps is really topical and its one of those shows that could be too achingly cool to watch, but is served with a massive dose of self-irony and fun that actually makes it watchable, and the hosts likeable.

I'm suffering for a birthday hangover this morning, so instead of rabbiting on and hurting my brain, I thought we'd have a video break. Here's some of my favourite clips from the series so far:

Sorry for the lazy post, a fuller one will come later, filled with exciting news (well, exciting for me at least!) In the meantime isn't Paloma Faith (in the first video) gorgeous?? I sense a massive girl crush coming on! I also have a bit of an inappropriate crush on Henry Holland, but I think mostly I want him to be my friend: I bet he knows how to have a rocking night out, and gives great fashion advice. I bet he's really bitchy too - and I do love a good bitch every now and again!

As is obligatory, here comes the credit: Frock Me with TK Maxx is on Sundays on Channel 4. For more information check out

Love, Tor x


Hayles said...

I love Frock Me, but its so strange seeing bloggers on the TV!
Its my new Saturday morning ritual, cup of tea, sofa, Frock Me, laptop and dog. Lovely!

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