Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Over exposure: I don't want to touch your bump!

It could be that my new job means i'm thinking about it all day, and it could be that tomorrow's birthday is making me reassess my lifeplan, but it seems that there are pregnant women everywhere: on the streets , in the shops, and now in our favourite magazines!
Claudia Schiffer has bared all for the cover of the June issue of Vogue and "done a Demi", showing off her bump whilst using a strategically placed hand to cover her lady bits. So has reality TV nobody Chanelle Hayes (whom I can't bring myself to use a photo of on this blog) for Closer magazine. The list of celebrities having babies at the minute is unprecedented: was there some motherhood-is-cool memo sent out that I missed??

The photo of Claudia above is by Karl Lagerfeld for the magazine which is a celebration of her career as a model and has the theme A Celebration of Femininity. I have to say that she looks stunning, pregnant or not, and it's hard to believe she's about to have her third kid. It's almost 20 years to the month since her first Vogue cover, and I cannot get over the fact that she was looking this gorgeous whilst I was learning to read, yet she hasn't got a spot of cellulite 20 years on: the gene pool is a cruel mistress!!

I think the miracle of birth is a wonderful beautiful thing, but i'm sick of seeing mammoth bumps everywhere I go, and the fact that its infiltrating my news sources is only making it worse, so this is a direct message to The Daily Mail: please give us a day off. A pregnant celebrity going shopping, going to work, wearing a nice dress, or eating dinner isn't news. So don't print it- you wouldn't if they weren't knocked up! Sigh...rant over.

Love, Tor xx


Lauren said...

I'm sure she has got cellulite and stretch marks - she just has a good airbrush artist!

I know what you mean about everyone being pregnant at the moment though! I've recently found a Facebook group that made me feel better though... "Everyone I know is getting married or pregnant, I'm just getting drunk". It made my day!


Lauren Loves...

Make Do Style said...

Blimey I never understand the need to do naked pregnant front covers and I have to say Claudia's stare is scaring me! but heck what a career span x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Blimey, hasnt she got big hands! You are right about the gene pool!

teawithonesugarplease said...

She has big hands and BIG feet but she is amazing and it is her job to look stunning