Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Question of the day: Can curvy girls wear hareem pants?

I don't have the best legs in the world: they're short and curvy. From the knee down I am prepared to share them with the world, but from the knee up? Forget about it! This makes dressing when it's really warm difficult. I don't want to wear dresses without leggings but it's too warm to wear leggings. And jeans? Way too warm! So I got it in my head that the answer to my problems was a nice slouchy pair of cropped hareem pants. However i've tried on hundreds of pairs in Topshop and Zara and can't find a single flattering pair. Front pleats made my hips look big, the waists were too high or too low, the bump clung and sagged at the same time (not a good look!!) The Topshop denim ones were the worst of all and looking at them in the mirror made me want to start crying in the changing room. I'd read articles on the subject before and decided to agree with the experts for a change: hareem pants weren't for curvy girls. And then, whilst looking for leggings, I found these one's in H&M:
I honestly didn't think I was going to find a pair of hareem trousers that looked good on my body, but I love these. They're slouchy and comfortable, will be perfect for work or play, and they're light enough that I can wear them all summer long. I think they look good because they have no pleating and fit like normal slim-leg trousers in silhouette. The only traditional hareemfeature is the dramatically lowered crotch. These are hareem trousers for everyone!!

H&M price points seem suprisingly cheap at the moment too: The trousers were £14.99, the slouchy tees i'm wearing in both pics were just £2.99 and the sequinned cardigan was £29.99. I especially love the trousers with the stripey Tshirt and think it will look amazing teamed with one of my many hundreds of blazers. I also love the sequinned cardigan, so glam! I can't wait to try out my new outfits!

Love, Tor xx


Rai said...

I think they really suit you! Hareem pants do nothing for my shape though..

talisha said...

I've had the same problem as you and have tried on countless versions.

I think it all comes down to the fabric choice and maybe even how extrem they are ^^

I've seen lots of curvier girls look really cool in hareem pants and you too look great :)

I'll be giving this trend another go!

Louise said...

I have a couple of pairs of the super light weight ones and I have to say I love I was a bit concerned too but they seemed to look ok

WendyB said...

Looks good. I don't have the energy to try on hundreds of any style of anything! I'm impressed by your persistence.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Yes they are cheap at the moment, my friend got a great maxi dress for 14.99, I need to go there!

i love bows:) said...

hiya:) i really love this blog, its nice to have someone talking about curvy girls for a change, rather than being all hush hush. im scared of hareem pants!they look so silly on me! i decided to brave it out the other day and ditch the leggings, but how self concious i felt wasnt worth it!
vics x

girlinthecity said...

girl, you look awesome!! and yes, yes, yes, us curvy ladies can wear harems - I actually find them good for hiding my belly :P

I've posted a couple of pairs that I got from toppers and miss s on my blog - both currently in the sale :)

*makes mental note to pop into h&m tomorrow too!*


Alex said...

I think they look great on you. Well done with sticking with it to find a pair that worked - I'd have given up and gone home way before that!

KD said...

I think those look pretty damn good on you!

Daisy said...

Oh wow these look really good on you!

jamie said...

wow! i have the curvy girl thing too and harem pants were always a huge no no for me.

but you just might've inspired me to try them on too, 'cause the summer is inevitable and friggin hot.

lookin great!