Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fabfrocks reviews: J by Jasper Conran Swimsuit

I always struggle to find swimwear to fit, but I love to swim both in my local pool and especially when i'm away on holiday. So as you can imagine, I was delighted when Debenhams asked me if i'd like to review one of their Designers at Debenhams pieces. There was so much to choose from, but sadly their two pieces in the ranges don't include my cup size, so I opted for a simple black one piece from J by Jasper Conran instead.
I loved the simple black colour (I mostly opt for black swimwear, working under the illusion that it's slimming) but with the added details of the one shoulder and the bow. The fit is really good and the tummy control works, but doesn't feel uncomfortable. I liked the bow in the flesh, though it looked a little small against my chest.

My one issue with the suit was that I just couldn't keep it up! I was hoping the suit would come with a small detachable strap so that I wouldn't be worrying about it all the time (especially when i'm swimming) but it didn't and I really struggled to stop the top sliding down on one side: even a particularly bouncy walk could lead to boobie exposure! The fit on the hips and bum was really good though, and I think that the top would have been fine on boobs that needed less support: this was probably more an error with my choosing process than anything else!

This certainly isn't a swimsuit i'll ever be able to swim in, but for posing around the pool on days when i'm feeling too self conscious for my usual two piece, it will be perfect.

Love, Tor x

PS - You can read a nice little interview with me, in which I don't make myself look too stupid, over on the Qype website, as part of their series of blogger interviews.


AdeleLouiseHumphreyCV said...

Love this swimsuit! Did it seem like it fitted okay UNTIL you stepped in the water?!

Alex said...

It looks great but I wonder who designs these costumes (and the deeply silly cutout ones). Yes, they're great for striking a pose by the pool but you can't swim in them and you wouldn't want to sunbathe in them either!

daisychain said...

that is a lovely suit though!

WendyB said...

Maybe you should think of it as a Rudi Gernreich monokini and then it's art!

Make Do Style said...

I'm strictly a speedo girl for swimmign but poolside it would be fine - nice interview of you too xx

teawithonesugarplease said...

That's so sweet you gave Marine Ices a thumbs up in your interview x