Friday, 21 May 2010

Everything you need in nude from ASOS Black

I first saw the ASOS Black collection in the metro about a month ago, so i'm probably really late with this, but it only landed on the site this week, and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I want every single piece. I want to spend my summer hopping from garden party to garden party so that I get to wear them all! To labour the point, i'm showing you every single piece I covet: that includes almost every single dress in the whole collection!
Given how much detail is on each dress I think the price point is really reasonable too: ranging from around £75 to £150.

Aside from the flashes of colour in the top row (the powder blue in the top row is the colour I want for my bridesmaids incidentally) the collection is really nude heavy. Ironic then, that they call the collection ASOS Black! Its an incredibly feminine delicate range of dresses which could be teamed with tonal accessories for smart occasions, or toughened up with darker heels and heavy costume jewellery. The collection has a really chic couture feel, that I am completely in love with. I know i'm gushing but I just want to surround myself in the fluffy texture of it - this is probably because i'm looking at this at the same time as i'm thinking about wedding dresses! Still, I think this is a really strong collection from ASOS. I don't think it will stay in stock for long!

Love, Tor xx


Lisa Drives A Van said...

ohhh so pretty!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Very pretty, I think either a dress from there or the Rare Opulence range for my daughter for her 18th party.

Make Do Style said...

ASOS are just so rocking it at the moment.