Friday, 28 May 2010

Late alert: Urban Outfitters sample sale

OK so I know i'm late to the table with this, and now it only really applies to anyone central London based, but the Urban Outfitters sample sale is on from now until 5pm. I didn't want to direct you to something rubbish so I didn't post this earlier (I dont generally post sample sales unless I know you wont be wasting your time going) but I popped down in my lunch hour and picked up some nice stuff: although it was hot and sticky and clothes were strewn everywhere. Pretty much mayhem really!!

Here are the prices I can remember, so you have an idea of what you're going down for:
Sunglasses; 50p
Hats/Scarves/Gloves: £4
Dresses; £15
Shoes; £5 (unbranded) £10 (branded)
Jersey tops; £5
Jeans; £15
Hair stuff; £1
Leggings: £3

I got a lovely fur hat, some gorgeous cream and tan brogues for a fiver, a couple of sequinned head bands and a pair of leggings. The sizes were generally pretty small (either labelled "small" or "8") but there was some other sizes. There were some great looking cheap Monday jeans and some lovely lightweight summer jersey dresses, as well as some quality wool coats which were being mostly ignored (I can't remember the price of these!)
They also had a massive selection of their gifty-type stuff and homewares, almost all of which was a pound. I got some "love" book ends, rolling stone ice cube tray (don't ask!) and bird shaped pegs all for a pound each!
I'll update this post with pictures later, but wanted to get it up quick, so that if you're close by you can check it out! (Update: Updated!!)

Love, Tor xx

PS - They were advertising this as for men too, but aside from one dodgy jumper I didn't see a single piece of menswear - it must've all gone this morning!


Rai said...

Those pegs are just amazing, I want some! x

5188 - Hayley Minn said...

Omgg. Why oh why didn't I look at the blog earlier? Urban Outfitters sample sale sounds like my kind of heaven.

teawithonesugarplease said...

I went to the Reiss sample sale in my lunch hour! I should have also gone to this one too

hilal said...

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Omgg. Why oh why didn't I look at the blog earlier? Urban Outfitters sample sale sounds like my kind of heaven.