Friday, 14 May 2010

Tell me something I don't need...

PhotobucketDo y'all remember Becky? That's her, up there! Well, back when this blog was funny and clever, Becky was the one that wrote the funny clever stuff. You see Becky is an extraordinary writer and an even more extraordinary artist (I don't understand most of it, but important people say she's magnificant!) She is also flat broke. I think its obligatory to be broke if you want to be a famous artist one day, so see this as a sign of her success! But Becky doesn't like the debt of doom very much so, genius that she is, has started a brand new blog and money making scheme all rolled into one: it's called tell me something I don't need.

Becky is selling her life on ebay (including every single edition of Vogue from the last 10 years. Yes, she kept them all!) She's selling her stuff, but keeping the memories, by telling the stories of all the things she's selling in heart warming and very funny blog posts. It's early days, but i'm quite sure that with all the stories and all the stuff, you could aquire everything you need to be happy forever from Becky alone, over the next six months.

Help my best friend be debt free by the time she turns 30, and buy her stuff. But if you're broke too then don't worry: visit the blog and share the stories and the memories: they come for free!

PS - Check back later today, when I will be announcing a new competition.

Love, Tor xx

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