Monday, 27 February 2012

Beauty: A week in my finger nails!

Hi guys,
According to new research, the fastest selling beauty product right now is no longer the lipstick, but the humble nail varnish. The theory is that in the recession, where we can't afford to update our looks with new clothes right now, women are instead choosing to update their look by changing their nails.

I've always loved painting and looking after my nails, and generally I varnish them every other day: every day if they chip. So rather than look at what I wear in a week (because let's face it, you've seen almost every piece in my wardrobe before!) I thought I would show you a week in my nails:
Friday: You may have seen these nails in my post of what I wore for London Fashion Week, Day 1. I cheated with these and applied nail wrap: these are Nail Rocks. As you can see, they peeled really quickly though, and the ends didn't look great!
Sunday: The grey base colour is from Essie. The shade is called Then and Now, and was specifically designed for the new online shop of the same name. The mustard is from Topshop. I don't have any nail pens or fancy tools, so I applied the polka dots using the end of a lolly stick! I wore these nails with a simple grey dress and mustard heels: I love coordination!
Tuesday: I'm prepared to admit that I was watching My Big Fat Gyspy Weddings when I painted my nails on Tuesday, and that definitely influenced the results! To create this look I applied a lovely rich red Nails Inc. varnish called Victoria, and used my Barry M glitter varnish for the tips. It looks a little bit cheap (like badly applied acrylics) and I was definitely pleased when it started to chip and I could take it off!
Thursday: I went home to my parents house for my nephew's Christening over the weekend on Friday, so on Thursday night I applied a simple and glossy coat of this neutral looking brown Boujois varnish. I wanted something that I could touch up quickly and easily over the weekend, and this definitely fit the bill!

How do you update your look without spending a fortune? Are you a slave to your nails, or happy to let them chip?

Love Tor xx


daisychain said...

I love the grey and yellow dots!

Theodore Kasper said...

I keep meaning to try nail wraps - but how long do they actually last for before they become too chipped?

Annette said...

Love this post!! Loving grey and yellow dots.. And the fact you used a lolly pop stick is awesome. I'll be giving that a try!!

Also liking the stripes and the french manicure with berry polish and glitter tips..

Hot Happenings!

WendyB said...

That's too bad about the Nail Rocks peeling -- my manicurist has said she gets good results from those. I haven't tried them yet. Love your polka-dot look. Good colors!