Saturday, 11 February 2012

Daily Wear: Wrapping up warm

Hi guys,
Last night the temperature hit -18 oC. So I probably didn't pick the best day to rebel against my coat! But at around this time every year I just get fed up of covering everything in a big old jacket, and want to wear something different. Which is why I left the house today without my coat, and instead wore a thermal vest, thinsulate top, chunky knit cardigan, and very questionable hat to keep warm:
The blouse is Clothing at Tesco. The jeans are Topshop. The cardigan, the Rock and Republic sunglasses and the All Saints necklace are all from TKMaxx. The hat is from Matalan, the boots are M&S. And the big bag is vintage.

It wasn't my wisest decision: despite all the layers, I was still freezing! Next week is London Fashion Week, and if the temperature stays like this I have no idea what I'll be wearing: but I do know it will be less about fashion, and more about wrapping up to stay warm!

Oh and by the way - This is the second post I've written which featured my new hair colour, but I keep forgetting to mention it! It's still pretty blonde, but I've added some frosty overtones to it: removing the warmth of the previous blonde colour and introducing a light ashy brown to give it some texture too. What do you think?!

Love Tor xx

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Louise said...

You left home without a coat? Brave, that is all I can say!