Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Frugal February activities: Movie parties, poker nights, sunday lunch...

Hi guys,
As part of "Frugal February" Mike and I have been organising lots of free and fun activities at home. Just because you're saving money doesn't mean you have to live like hermits and never see your friends, right?!
First we had a couple of friends round for Sunday dinner. Aside from the cost of the joint of meat, Sunday lunch is a surprisingly inexpensive meal to make: and easy to do too! It was a great and relaxing way to spend a couple of hours catching up with friends, which is something we'd usually do at the pub, but at half the price!

This weekend we organised a small poker night, using up all of the left over beer and wine we didn't drink at Christmas. The slight flaw in the otherwise-cunning plan, of course, is that I don't actually know how to play poker. In fact, the closest I get to even thinking about poker is when I'm humming along to Lady Gaga's poker face. Mike has tried to explain the rules to me several times: what risks to take, what makes a good hand. But I just don't get it! (I do however play a mean game of Pontoon!) So what really happened is that other people played poker whilst I sat in the corner drinking wine and gossiping: a great night had all round!

Next weekend my little sister is coming to stay with my nephew. This means that we can't go out anyway (without finding and paying for a babysitter). So I am going to organise a movie night: Clueless, Ten things I hate about you, Never been kissed....the list of chick flicks we want to watch is almost endless. The left over Christmas candy will come in handy here (yup, I still have loads) as will my rarely-used popcorn machine.

Are you taking part in frugal February? Or are you on a money saving drive? What have you changed or tried to do differently to save some cash? All tips welcome!

Love Tor xx

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