Monday, 13 February 2012

Sponsored video: Merino, no finer feeling

Hi guys,
In case you hadn't noticed (ha!) it's pretty nippy out there. Which means wrapping up is absolutely essential. And when I'm wrapping up, I like to do it in fabrics that look and feel fantastic: no acrylic wool here! I'd much rather wear natural fibres: as well as feeling softer, they also don't make you smell the way acrylics often do (is that too much information?!) Not to mention the static. My favourite pink cardigan is made from a pretty cheap wool blend, and every time I wear it my hair sticks out like a hedgehog! Not a particularly fashionable look..

I thought about my winter knitwear addiction, and some of the terrible acylic mistakes I've made, when I saw this video. It's for the Merino: No finer feeling campaign. And it makes you never want to have cheap fabric next to your skin ever again:

Merino wool is my preferred wool for workwear, because it looks more sophisticated and professional than a body-bulking chunky knit. It's natural, biodegradable, and renewable (if you care about that sort of thing). If you don't, it's also super soft, and the favoured wool of some of my favourite designers (yup, I'm thinking about Mark Fast)

I actually think wool is an underrated fabric, relegated to cozy jumpers and casual weekend wear, when actually it's a much more versatile fabric that can look fantastic whatever the occasion...and right now that occasion is keeping me warm and snug whilst still looking stylish and put-together for a long day of meetings!

What do you where to keep warm at work when the weather is this chilly?

Love Tor xx

*This post is sponsored by Merino

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