Friday, 6 May 2011

Daily wear: Back to Black!

Hi guys,
I've given up. I surrender. I can't make my summer clothes warm and wearable on these cold gloomy days. I also can't take looking at my untrimmed, rooty hair any more: tomorrow's trip to the hair dressers can't come soon enough! Although it's only from Primark (and I have several much more expensive real leather jackets, I love the way my leather bomber jacket fits. Whenever I throw this over an outfit (however boring!) I know it's going to look OK. Here's how i'm wearing it today:
Dress from River Island, Scarf from Beta Fashion, Belt from Warehouse, Jacket from Primark, and Boots from Topshop.

I am completely in love with these pixie boots, which I got from the Topshop outlet about three weeks ago. I intended to save them for next winter, but haven't stop wearing them since I got them. They rrp'ed at £65, but I got them for £20 BOGOF. Bargain!
On the bright side, the weather forecast says the temperatures are supposed to peak at 31 degrees this weekend...Maybe I returned to the dark side too soon!

Love, Tor xx


Alex said...

I'm exactly the same! The grey clouds hit this morning and I'm back in black biker boots, jeans and grey jumper. I just can't wear florals in the cold and rain for some odd reason.

WendyB said...

It's so nice to get a much needed haircut. That's always a happy moment for me!