Monday, 30 May 2011

Saving for a rainy day. Even though the sun is shining!

Hi guys,

I have a secret confession to share with you today: I love saving money. I’m totally terrible at it, and seem to spend my entire pay check every month, but I have three different saving accounts and I use each one to save for different things. One is primarily used as my fashion savings account: if I see an incredible handbag or pair of shoes that I just have to have then I filter off some of my wages into the fashion account every month until I can afford what I want. And it feels really really good! Better than having something pretty when the pay off is debt, any day of the week! I also have a savings account which I call my teeth account: I’m pretty paranoid that one day something really terrible is going to happen to my teeth (it’s a recurring nightmare!) so I have a little cash put aside to get them fixed, should that terrifying day ever come.

I wish I was a better saver. I wish I could save “for a rainy day” or for my distant retirement. But I have to have a specific savings target to keep myself motivated. Right now of course, all my saving efforts are going towards the wedding: its amazing how much easier it is to save for something you really want!

As soon as the wedding is over (the finishing line is in sight!) I’d like to upgrade my car, buy a Mulberry handbag, and have a really great cashmere winter coat that would last forever. Ahh, the shallow targets of a fashion blogger! Ultimately of course we’d like to buy a house, but that is a saving situation bigger than I can comprehend right now!

Are you guys saving for anything at the minute? And how is it going?

Love, Tor xx

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Louise said...

Like you I can only save if it's 'for' something. At the moment I'm saving holiday spends, then after that I'll be saving more holiday spends for a trip away later in the year. I used to be better at saving but with inflation as it is, it just isn't happening.

teawithonesugarplease said...

Teeth??? So funny you must have watched too many 10 years younger shows. I always have nightmare after seeing an ep that mine have all fallen out too. Just hang on in there for the wedding and all that lovely spare cash for your next Fash purchase xx