Thursday, 26 May 2011 A/W press day

Hi guys,
Yesterday I went down to the press day. Since the terrible experience I had ordering that Fearne Cotton dress, i've avoided the website, so I haven't been keeping up to date with new developments from the brand. However, if the gorgeous clothes at their press day are anything to go by (and if their delivery/ordering service has improved) I might well give it another go: the temptation of that swallow print dress is just too strong to resist!
Nude and black. Mmmm.....
Isn't it gorgeous? The net overlay, gorgeous pattern, and pearl detailing....
I love the super-high burgandy platform shoes
The dreamy swallow dress (which I haven't stopped thinking about since I saw it) is from Dee V: Very's newest designer collaboration with popster Diana Vickers. She joins Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby as the staple celebrity designers on the womenswear front. The price points are higher than I expected (around £50-65 for a dress) but the result of that is that the quality is better than I expected: celebs-as-designer lines are never usually so well made and thought out, but these ones really are.

If I have a better order experience from Very next time then i'll let you know, and they'll definitely make it back onto my 'great place to shop' list!

Love, Tor


fashionismyh2o said...

The net overlay dress is absoluely stunning it looks so elegant!


Dorota said...

Great dresses!beautiful pictures!

Jen said...

Ah Tor, I missed you at Very! Was there but only for 15 mins. The clothes were stunning though - I loved everything! x