Thursday, 6 December 2007

Yasmin le Bon is regressing.

Hello friends,

Today I am ill, so no lengthy discourse. Instead please enjoy this informative 1989 MTV video of the super-dupe models backstage at Armani. Cindy Crawford hosts.

"Behave yourself, Naomi." - Wow, maybe if Cindy'd been consistent with that stone-cold disclipline maybe there'd be a few less assistants with cell-phone dents in their heads. Also, I firmly enjoy Linda Evangelista's barely concealed annoyance and Cindy's matter-of-fact self-oiling interlude and the accompanying pubic mound, mournful and bald like an American Eagle.

Hm. I feel better already. The 1980s are such a balm to the troubled soul.

Your pal,

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