Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Warhol jeans anyone?

For anyone looking at this mini post, (an online vignette if you will) don't worry dear reader, I will be posting properly this evening and bringing you a wide selection of dresses from the "Young trends" section of H&M. (Provided there is anything I can squeeze myself into of course!)

For now i'm bringing you some not-exactly-up-to-date fashion news. Damn that Vogue! They always know everything before I do!

-Photo 'borrowed' from

Factory Girl Sienna Miller has been fronting the Pepe jeans advertising campaign for two years now, (see? The picture above proves it!) so it stand to reason that the brand loves things a little smouldering and more than a little sixties. Pepe announced yesterday that they are to take this passion for the era of love up a step with a 250 piece collection based entirely on iconic artist Andy Warhol. Exclusive to Europe, the Andy Warhol Collection by Pepe Jeans London will comprise two lines: Pop, which will be based on the artist's signature works, and Factory - which will take its cue from the style of Warhol and his crowd. The full 250 piece range launches next August, with a smaller capsule version launching at the Portabello road store in May.

Now I have been scouring the tintyweb for some sneak previews of the range and im sorry reader of mine, but I've failed you! Instead feast your eyes on this image set i'm sure the designers will be using as inspiration from an artist who's had far more than his 15 minutes of fame:

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