Saturday, 15 December 2007

The big debate: High waisted jeans?

Ok, so it was a trend that was huge in celeb-land (yes, that is a real place!) aaages ago! But as Primark have just got some rather lovely dark denim wide legged examples in store, i've only really started to consider whether it was a trend that will work for me this week. (The thought of paying £60 for the Kate Moss @ Topshop pair made me dismiss the trend when it first hit the highstreet this summer) High waisted jeans. Yes reader, i did sense you recoil in horror!

Now, the style icons that are Ms Barton and Ms Moss managed to pull this look off beautifully. Behold:

However, i'm inclined to think that if you took away the flat tums and perky breasts and wore these very same outfits you might look a little bit like an Eighties mum doing the school-run. This belief isn't entirely unfounded either. Jessica Simpson (God bless her!) tried to pull of the high waisted look, but the combination of bad top choice (polo neck and high waisters was never going to be a good idea) and ample busom led straight to this style disaster:

Eeeek! Lovely Jessica is normally so beautiful, and yet in this photo it actually hurts to look!

This leads perfectly to my own denim dillemma. I am closer in figure to Jessica Simpson (I wish) than Kate Moss, so can I wear the high waisted jeans I crave (because they're from Primark and they're so soft and only £10)? The jury is still out:

It's a denim conundrum: high-waisted jeans mean denim clinging to your tummy and shortening your torso, but Low slung 'hipster jeans' (my usual denim of choice means love handles and (i'm sad to admit) an ample display of butt crack whenever I bend over.It's enough to make you hope this seasons dress revival will last forever isn't it?


miss alice emma said...

Hello Miss Tor,
As a similarly curvaceous woman, I am very pleased to have you model the latest from Primark. I think they look best with the black top, they dont cut you in half so much. But then i think that if you're gonna wear high waists, you gotta show them off, and maybe then the ckecked shirt is the way to go. hmmm difficult decisions. but i may go and try them myself now...

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