Saturday, 15 December 2007

We are proud to waste your time.

Hello everyone,

Facebook is a mystical beast. It's a haven, a xanadu -a place where you can fight vampires, reunite with vaguely remembered school friends, be hit in the face with a virtual snowball and prevent child abuse simply by forwarding terrible poems with varying ABAB rhyme structures.

Accordingly, we have set up a Facebook group where fans and vaguely motivated well-wishers can congregate and luxuriate in the splendour of community that this blog provides.

Tor set it up - she's way more on the ball than me. She also drew our logo with her own mouse-bearing hand. Tor is pretty damn impressive.

But here's where I get all New York fashion gay, shake my head and finger in a rhythmic way and say:
"Honey -- high waisted jeans? Step back from the brink. Friends don't let friends bisect their torsos."
You'll see Tor's post below and no doubt you enjoyed her adorable plaid shirt and cardigan ensemble - I know I did. However: no no no no on those Primark jeans, Tor. Yes, I love the big golden sailor buttons too and I know they feel soft like a bunny. I say to you, however, look again at Mischa Barton - if you can clearly identify the lines of a woman's pubic mound then I say no amount of snuggliness can redeem the outfit. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say you look way better than Ms O.C. in your trousers. Again, this is not an endorsement of the trouser shape, merely an observation of your superior styling.

I too coveted the high waisted trend, especially in the mannish trouser style when it first broke on the high street last spring. It led to nought but sadness, fury and vaginal wedgies:

Maybe I'm just projecting my disappointment but I felt I must speak. Spend the £10 on wine, tea, cake and sparkly things. You deserve them all.


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miss alice emma said...

Becky, we all know that the camel-toe is the bain of the modern jean-shopper, however i dont think we can dismiss such a classy trend until we have explored ALL THE ALLEYS. i refer you to my comment below.