Thursday, 20 December 2007

Thinkin' Pink n' Puppies

Dear Blogosphere,

Devastating news - Catwalk Queen didn't include me n Tor in the Top 100 Fashion & Lifestyle blogs. It's almost as though an online experience that's only been going a few months and features badly photoshopped pictures of Karl Lagerfeld doesn't cut it anymore. That makes Karl sad.

Well, inwardly sad, anyway. Karl is nothing if not a trouper. He is a Belgian of many layers and mysterious caprices. I, however, am outwardly sad and rending my polyester garments. You know though, when I feel blue I always turn to my secret love -- musical theatre.

There is much to be learnt from musical theatre when it comes to fashion. Costumes have to project character to 150 rows and beyond, they have to swoosh and dance well and they have to glitter! sparkle! and shine! enough to delight the 13 year old girls and gay boys (I consider myself a spiritual member of both communities) this is not only fine entertainment but good style. I'll be conceptual and Japanese tomorrow,.

Because it's so insanely apropo-po, I'm going to take a look at Legally Blonde - The Broadway Musical. I've been obsessed with it the past few greyish days.

This is Laura Bell bundy belting her heart out as Elle Woods. I'm not going to pretend that the Legally Blonde musical isn't aching and groaning with product placement. That is a an actual Tiffany necklace around her neck, par example. The superiorities of Red Bull are touted in one scene (it's seamless, okay? no judgement - it probably paid for the lighting rig, all right? all right.) You'll also notice her brave use of the pale blue denim jacket. I used to despise it (helloooooo 1994) but now I'm digging the slight trashiness and full bodied unprentiousness of the thing. Used with appropriate contrast, it's an awesome look to layer in with something glitzy or something edgy. Also really liking the geometric forms on the skirt - a pink version of the S/S 2008 Marc Jacobs - I bet there'll be 100 million version in Topshop by March:

There's inspiration to be found every which-way, even for those allergic to pink and fluffy.

You can, like totally stroll into Harvard in a Topshop coat and you can choose between a Giles dress or a little Chilhuahua of your very own:


.....equals one awesome outfit in which to defend innocent fitness instructors. Topshop coat is £75 and the Giles S/S 2008 dress is on of those 'price on request' dealies. That translates to at least a grand.


Blow your grand on chilhuahua puppies.

They're not accessories, however. Remember: if it shits, it's not fashion. Puppies need love. Fortunately you can express that love through fashion. Legally Blonde's merchandising is way intergrated, you guys. You can purchase every handbag used in the show - they just happen to be made and sold by Laura Bell Bundy herself. This hand-made bag entitled Bruiser's Cruiser will set you back $150 or around £70:

You can buy it all with your internet prowess just click: Schmancy Purses. then your doggies can travel in the diamonte'd style to which they should have become accustomed.

You see Catwalk Queen? We all need love. Especially me - I'm needy. Oh dear, my getting my rejection anxiety shakes. I need an uptempo triumph song!

Whew. Thank god.


Dress - Primark (£3), Denim Puffed sleeved Jacket - NafNaf (£35, 8 years ago), Necklace - Topshop (£1)

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