Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Self-flagellation, H&M and a dress for Mary.

Hello friends,

When I started this blog I thought I'd be aces. I'd be breakin' news, crackin' jokes and all whilst being the epitome of fashiony chic.

Frankly, I forgot that my manner and dress is little above that of an early 20th century hobo and my ranking in the Unspoken Order of Fashion Events and Things reflects this. Honestly, I don't think Karl Lagerfeld would even bother to shit in my mouth, let alone invite me to the factory. This is the cross I bear: jeans and a t-shirt and second-hand news.

Here it is:

H&M are collaborating with Finnish textile company Marimekko to produce a range of over 50 products consisting of smocks, dresses, shorts and accessories that'll be out April 2008.

You knew that? Nuts.

I bet you've seen this picture too, right? Vogue.co.uk? Catwalk Queen? I know, I know. Worst blog ever. I want credit however for searching the web to find an image this big. H&M's Press page is like bloody Fort Knox. I steal for you, sweet readership out of the tenderest love. However, I also have some neato Marimekko facts and images for ya in the hope of squeezing just the tiniest bit of originality out of this thing.

Marimekko is all about feminism, sisters, and those who are doin' it for themselves! In the male-dominated business world of the 1950s/60s, Marimekko was largely run by women: Armi Ratia a textile designer and company fouder and Maija Isola, the women she hired to create some of Marimekko's most iconic prints. There's a very interesting potted history of the Marimeko company's feminist ideals here in The Guardian. Odd, because The Guardian is usually about as fashion-forward as a scotch egg. Hm.

The name Marimekko literally means "a dress for Mary" that is to say -the everywoman.

The blessed mother models a 1963 Marimekko design which can be bought here from blueforestdesigns on ebay for £87 plus postage. It's a much nicer change from Mary Kate Olsen, no?

HandM wishes it was the only one getting hot Marimekko action! Manolo Blahnik is using two iconic Marimekko designs for his Spring/Summer 2008 collection.

They're available in January 2008 if you're monied and interested. Apparently they're a fusion of "Turkish architectural lines and Finnish protest" [Source]

The signature Marimekko shape is: clean unisex lines and free-flowing style, [that] convey a utopian feel of sexual equality.

That's a shame. I'm very fond of my breasts. Still, who needs udders when you look this pretty?

Lovely. Undeniably lovely. But I think I'll just get a hat and wait until Christopher Kane designs his utopian feel of sexual blah-de-blah. My boobs will thank me, I think.

Your pal,

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