Sunday, 16 December 2007

I've found it! I've found it!

The perfect New Years Eve dress is mine! Mine Mine Mine! And not only is it perfect and sparkly and everything I was looking for, it is also subtle enough that it can be dressed down, accessorised, and worn over and over and over again. And then maybe again! And even better than that it came in under budget at £27 (well, £30, minus my 10% student discount, God love it!) Look look! Admire with delight:

Ok, so now my excitement levels have dropped and i've calmed down enough to type in proper sentences. Firstly, apologies for the glimpse at my grotty student kitchen: I have no excuse except that i'm a slob when it comes to all kitchen related chores, but I promise to clean it up right after i've written this. Honest.
Now onto the important business: the dress. This perfect gem is from Topshop where it rrp'ed for £50 but was reduced to £30 as part of the stores pre-Christmas offers: there are loads of other great deals in their online store.
The bodice is boned so it gives loads of support on the bust (i'm not even wearing a strapless bra in these pics and that is a never before seen gravity defying feat!) As you can see best in the third pic, the bodice also has a slight gold fleck running through it whihc reflects light and adds a little glamourous sparkle to the frock. The skirt is darted so it flares out into a tulip shape and it has big hidden hip pockets which is a design detail I adore. The dress is 99% cotton and the fabric is really thick so it holds in every lump and bump and creates a really lovely shape (even if I do say so myself!)
I am one very happy bunny! Although i'm now realising that it's very nearly Christmas and i've been so preoccupied with pretty dresses (and who isn't?) I've hardly started my present shopping........ Methinks I sense this weeks quest approaching fast.........

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Becky said...

Cute as seven Christmas bunnies! You make all the kitchen filth look glittery, you princess, you.