Friday, 14 December 2007

Erotic jumpers - when your day is not fashion

Hello, tiny but slowly increasing readership,

Today was just not fashion. I tried, as I always do, to make sure the events that greeted me upon waking were fabulousity at at least 40% capacity. Nope. Friday 14th December 2007 said "nope" and all was, in my boyfriend's delightful slang, gash and gash to the extreme.

Un-fashion events
#1 Stomach bug
#2 Medicating iron deficiency
#3 Fluffy face
#4 Smirked at by blonde highlighted homosexual Topshop worker probably because of the following:

It's okay. I would smirk at my outfit and face too. Working in a fashion emporium elevates you morally and aesthetically, way beyond the reach of most workaday people. I was once full bodied shoved out away from the Lanvin in Dover Street Market. And I was glad, I tell you, glad to be touched by the hands blessed by Rei Kawakubo.

Anyway, I need cheering up and for that I turn to Marks & Spencer and piracy. I was going to feature this item in a post on ethical tote bags, but frankly I don't have the emotional strength to write and then read another sentence on the subject. All I care for is Erin O' Connor's face.

Behold my massive new shopping bag - 100% Organic cotton, supermodel endorsed and as scratchy as couture in Soviet Russia. All for £2.50. You could also grab a bag featuring Twiggy at her 1960s peak. Though since she betrayed this fine nation so extravagantly by appearing on America's Next Top Model, I don't see why you would do that. The camera laahves, yew, Twiggy but to me, you are less then dead. There. I said it.

Another cheering and welcoming fashion moment comes in the guise of this video of the Sonia Rykiel S/S 08 catwalk show. It's all so floaty and the models are smiling and swooping and gaying it up at the end in a most delightful way. It's so nice when you see models being silly and girlish rather than fierce. It may be heresy but I believe fierce is overrated as a lifestyle choice.

This clip also features some genuine comedy gold: Sonia wrote an erotic romance novel about a man, a woman and a sweater. Thank you,! I'm praying to all the Gods I know that it's a sincere literary work. In fact --a dildo wrapped in high street cashmere for anyone who finds me that book!

Why, I'd be as happy as a chiffon-coated Rocha!

Your pal,

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miss alice emma said...

I love that bag.
and to be honest, your skin looks quite radiant. that may be the flash.
ok, i'm off to marks and sparks....
weeeeeeeeeeeeee watch me go, driven by the o'connor lust.