Thursday, 6 December 2007

The official list of Blondes of Power

OK so, contrary to popular belief (well, my own belief mostly) I am not one of the worlds most powerful blondes.I know, its shocking- i'm blonde (which is important) i can pout-see above, i write a blog, what more power do they need?!

Tatler released their list of the worlds top ten most powerful blondes today. And aside from the absence of myself I find the list a little more than suprising:

Tatler's Ten Most Powerful Blondes
1. Elisabeth Murdoch
2. Chelsy Davy
3. Cristina Green
4. Carole Bamford
5. Lily Donaldson
6. Camilla Parker Bowles
7. Sienna Miller
8. Nick Rhodes
9. Natalia Westminster
10. Irina Abramovich

Now let me get this right, Chelsy Davy, drop-out student and girlfriend of Prince Harry, is the second-most powerful blonde in the world? More powerful that Kate Moss or JK Rowling or me? (None of whom made the list!) It makes no sense at all! And Cristina Green, wife of Topshop guru and retail mogul Phillip Green follows her in the list? Now I have been googling her like crazy and as far as I can work out, she made her millions because, well, because her husband gave them to her so that he didn't have to pay any tax (she lives in Monaco)

Hmmm, Cristina Green, Irina Abramovich........if Tatlers idea of power is marrying well then i'm starting to think i'd rather not make the list! Or at least, thats my excuse for not making it and i'm sticking to it.... so there!!


Mike said...

you aren't a real blonde. but you are real pretty x

Becky said...

See Tor, you're already getting creepy anonymous comments! The internet has accepted us as one of its own. Huzzah!